If you haven’t purchased new blinds lately, you may not have noticed that all newly manufactured window blinds are cordless.

So, why are new window blinds cordless? Corded blinds were banned in 2018 over safety concerns for young children. According to a January 2018 article from the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, “from 1990 to 2015, there were an estimated 16,827 window blind-related injuries among children younger than 6 years of age treated in emergency department in the United States”. Learn More.  “From 1981 to 1995, there were 183 deaths from window blind cord asphyxiations among young children in the United States, and the mortality rate for window cord strangulations was 0.14 per 100 000 children <4 years old.3 “

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says the following regarding the danger of strangulation from window covering cords: “On average, about eight children, age 12 years and younger, die every year by strangling in a window covering cord. Go cordless to make your window coverings safe for kids. Watch CPSC’s video on how loose or looped window covering cords can strangle young children.”   Watch Now

Cords can also be a hazard for pets. Cats and puppies can get entangled in cords. An article from All About Purrs, says to following: “To your cat’s eye, the dangling end of a drapery or blind cord is an open invitation to play — and possibly to disaster. Even just crawling between drapes or blinds and the window (an all-time favorite feline pastime) can land kitty in a tangle. Cats who get caught in the loops of pull-cords panic. At the very least, the blinds or drapery rod will come down with a crash. At worst, a cat can strangle, do fatal internal damage, or actually get so worked up that his heart gives out.”  Learn More “For maximum safety, tie or wrap all window cords well out of feline reach.”

How Do Cordless Blinds Work?

The short answer is, instead of pulling on a cord to raise your blinds, you place your hand at the bottom of the blind and push it up. Some blinds are not actually cordless, the cords are just inside the blinds were children and pets can’t become entangled in them. Others have a spring-assist mechanism. The LiteRise system from Hunter Douglas offers hidden cord mechanisms to raise and lower blinds. SimpleLIft and Powerview Options allow you to raise and lower or tilt your blinds with no outward cords or tassels. Learn More

Aria On-Site can help you learn about the wonderful alternatives to corded blinds that Hunter Douglas has to offer. We’ll brings the store to you with no pressure, no obligation, in-home shopping. See textures, experience mechanisms, and match colors in the comfort of your own home.

What Are the Benefits of Cordless Blinds?

Besides being safer for children and pets as outlined above, cordless blinds are easier to operate, offer a cleaner less cluttered look and are easier to keep clean.  In addition, they’re longer lasting because they don’t become ripped and frayed from being raised and lowered by just the exterior cord.

How Do I Replace or Repair My Corded Blinds?

Aria On-Site can take the hassle out of making the switch to cordless window blinds. We offer a large selection of all kinds of blinds to replace your corded blinds. Alternately, if replacing your blinds is not feasible, or the interior cord on your blinds breaks, we do repair cords on blinds.

Just call us today for a free in-home estimate or onsite repair. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have and go over your options with you. 734-971-0311 or toll free 855-261-ARIA (2742)

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