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Professional Window Blind Cleaning

Never Be Without Your Blinds!

Need your blinds to look like new again?

We offer a proven, unique method to rid your blinds of dirt, dust, grease and hidden allergens.  Our self-contained mobile system cleans most types of residential and commercial blinds right outside your home, apartment or office.

Our technicians will take down your blinds, clean them carefully and thoroughly in our specially designed vehicles and then re-install them —  all during your scheduled appointment.

You never have to be without your blinds!

We created our own system in 1992 around a water-based solution to accommodate both residential and commercial blinds inside our vehicles.  We use specially chosen chemicals that clean thoroughly, dry spot-free.  This system was designed to improve on the ultrasonic method that preceded it.

Hunter Douglas Aluminum Blinds
Dirty Blinds                                Cleaned Blinds
Dirty window blindsWindow Blinds after cleaning
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Aria On-Site Cleans:

      • Mini Blinds
      • Fabric & Screen Roller Shades
      • Duettes/cellular shades
      • Silhouettes & Luminettes
      • Vertical Fabric & PVC Slats
      • Wood Blinds
      • Faux Wood Blinds

Not sure what these are or what kind of blinds you have?  Please refer to Various Kinds of Window Blinds.  You may be able to match a picture and description with your blinds.

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