Clean, Repair, Replace

What Should You Do?

You move into your new home and there are blinds already in place.  You like them, but they seem like they haven’t been cleaned in a while and they are discolored or smell like smoke.  One blind is a match to all the rest but is sagging or you cannot raise or lower it because a string has broken, or a wand is missing or damaged. 

Is it time to replace your blinds or should you have them professionally cleaned and repaired? 

Hunter Douglas Nantucket Blinds

That is easy to answer with just a few questions. 

How old are they?  If they have been hanging in a sunny window for 20 years, they may have begun to disintegrate and may not withstand a cleaning. 

Do you recognize the manufacturer?  Some blinds purchased from big box retailers may be inexpensive when purchased, but do not hold up well over time.  The strings and brackets wear out and may not be worth replacing if parts are difficult to find. 

We can often restring the blind and get it working good as new, however, if the blind is not made of quality materials, the repair cost might out-weigh the replacement cost. 

If the broken blind is one of many matching blinds, repairing might still make sense if the others are in good shape.  

Our cleaning process removes most stains and odors and is a sound value if the blinds are in good repair, are made well and you like them.  In that case, cleaning the blinds would be worth the investment. 

Another factor you might consider is that quality blinds can be considered an asset to your home.  Just like any other asset, it is wise to maintain it and keep it in good operating condition.  As a new buyer, you probably appreciated the fact that you would not have to invest in window coverings for your home when you moved in.  Keeping them up will provide the next owner with the same value. 

So, if the blinds cannot be cleaned and/or repaired, buying quality blinds is a good investment as an asset to your home.  Just like quality windows and doors, energy efficient beautiful window coverings are an advantage to you as an owner and to any future buyers of your home.

If you still aren’t sure whether your blinds can be cleaned or repaired, we can come out to have a look and give you a free quote.  If we find that cleaning or repairing your blinds isn’t feasible, we can offer you replacement options. 

Call us today for an appointment 734-971-0311 or 855-261-ARIA (2742). 

Never be without your blinds! We clean, repair and measure/select new blinds on-site. 

Never be without your blinds!

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