Choosing horizontal or vertical blinds or shades is often a first choice when deciding on new window treatments. However, with so many options like material, mechanisms, color, and styles to choose from, the task may seem a bit intimidating. We’ve put together some items that can help you make the best decision when decorating your home or office. Beginning with privacy, light and style is a great way to start your process. We hope you enjoy.

What widow are you decorating?

Choosing a vertical or horizontal direction for the blind depends largely on what type of window the shade or blind is for. For example, for a sliding glass door a vertical shade or blind would work the best. Another thing to consider would be which direction the window is facing. Windows that allow direct sunlight are best suited for vertical types of window treatments because they allow the most versatility when it comes to light control.

Privacy and light control

Both  vertical and horizontal blinds will give you and your family the privacy you wish.  Horizontal blinds can come in many different materials—such as aluminum, wood, and faux—and they offer much greater sun-blocking and light control benefits.

Style preference

Considering the style and the role it plays in the ambiance of your home is another top priority when choosing between horizontal or vertical shades. There are many different styles of vertical blinds from Hunter Douglas, If your’re decorating large-framed windows or doors, then vertical is the best choice. Hunter Douglas also offers wood blinds. These are gorgeous and made of hardwood. If you are looking for a modern look they also offer aluminum blinds.

Horizontal Pros.

  • More style choices.
  • More light control.
  • More energy efficient.

Vertical Pros.

  • They are able to fit more window types.
  • Gives more ability to see outside.
  • Limited sacrifice to privacy.

Vertical Shade Options from Hunter Douglas

An ideal choice for vertical side-to-side openings, sliding glass doors or as room dividers, Vertiglide™ is available as a child-safe, cordless operating system on our Duette® and Applause® Honeycomb Shades. Available with manual operation or with PowerView® Motorization. For your convenience, Vertiglide™ features Dual Operation which allows you to activate the shade with any PowerView control device such as the remote or app, or simply operate the shade manually by hand. This convenient feature is ideal for lost remotes, entering the home from outside and for guests without knowledge that the shade is motorized.

Horizontal Shade Options from Hunter Douglas

Silhouette® Window Shadings feature soft adjustable fabric vanes that appear to be floating between two sheer fabric panels that beautifully diffuse harsh sunlight.

A knowledgeable Aria On-Site technician will bring samples to your location and answer the questions you have to help you make your best choice. You’ll never have to guess whether a style, color, or texture will match your décor. You can choose from unique fabrics, exclusive finishes, distinctive details, and custom combinations to ensure long-lasting beauty and satisfaction. We’ll handle the measuring, ordering, and custom installation to accommodate any size, shape, or features required. All this with no pressure tactics or obligation.

Call Aria On-Site today to schedule your free, no-obligation appointment to see these and other beautifully festive window fashions by Hunter Douglas: 734-971-0311 or toll free 855-261 ARIA (2742)