A bit of history

Window blinds are everywhere. Did you know that blinds for windows date back to ancient times? The early Egyptians strung reeds together to build their primitive forms of blinds. The Chinese preferred bamboo.

Ever wonder where the term “Venetian” came from as in Venetian blind? The ancient Persians were the first to introduce blinds to Venice, Italy. Their popularity flourished, and that is how we got the type of blind known as “Venetian”.

Blinds have always had a purpose in bringing privacy and comfort to our lives. It’s obvious that everyone needs protection from the sun. We will continue to see developments with window treatments as technology improves.

Modern Changes

Today we see many various types of window blinds. There are mini blinds that are made out of aluminum or vinyl. There are even blinds you can get that are made out of real wood, not to mention vertical blinds and roman shades that come in wide variety of fabrics.

Another modern change to come on the scene was the development of Luminette and Silhouettes. These allow for vertical or horizontal sheer window coverings.

Finally,  the release of the “Smart Phone” in 2007,  allowed even more impressive technology to revolutionize the window treatment industry. Now we can have blinds that open and close depending on the temperature or the time of day. Blinds like these are part of the motorized blind family. Hunter Douglas provides the highest quality in American craftsmanship when it comes to this popular choice for blinds. Enjoy exploring what they offer!

Types of Motorized Systems From Hunter Douglas

POWERVIEW® MOTORIZATIONAn amazing  wireless operating system that  gives you the power to control and schedule your Hunter Douglas window treatments via remote control or your mobile device. Is safety and piece of mind important to you? Choose this system and experience the best. Learn more about PowerView®

SOFTTOUCH™ MOTORIZATIONA simple but robust battery-powered system with a wand to control the settings.  Learn more about SoftTouch

MOTORIZED OPERATING SYSTEM FOR VERTICAL BLINDSLove vertical blinds? This system offers easy control with the push of a button. Learn more about Vertical Motorized System

SKYLIFT™ SKYLIGHT SYSTEMControl your hard to reach skylight shades with PowerView® Motorization. Learn more about SkyLift


Why Motorized Blinds From Hunter Douglas?

Longer Life

A  motorized system for your blinds and shades greatly increase their longevity.


These motorized systems allow you to quietly open or close your blinds and shades.

No Clutter

No cords to clutter up the look and feel of your home! Everything is now wireless.

The Safety You Expect

Motorized systems with presets are excellent security features.  They allow you to open your blinds in the day and close them at night even when you’re not home, for added security.

Take Back Control

Want to control and program your blinds and shutters settings on your smartphone? No problem with the Hunter Douglas Platinum App.


Your home will be more beautiful and functional with these window treatments.

Interested in learning more about these blinds?  Call us today for a free and personal consultation.

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