When it comes to the interior design of your home or office you can’t afford to neglect proper planning for window treatments. Sometimes, we walk into a space and know this question wasn’t asked. Before you begin styling a space ask yourself these four little words: what is my intention? Before you roll your eyes, think about it: how many times have you set out to create the perfect ambiance and what you ended up with didn’t exactly meet your imagination. We hope you’re inspired to plan the look of your home or office with some trending styles in blinds, drapes, and shades. Enjoy!


Smart Shades with PowerView available through Aria On-SiteTechnology is always advancing! Why not take advantage of it? Managing our homes is time consuming and tedious without having to take care of adjusting window treatments.

PowerView® Motorization from Hunter Douglas is a robust operating system that integrates with other smart home devices, including Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Program your shades to close when your thermostat reaches a certain temperature, or open and close your shades using just your voice.

With so many configurations possible, your window treatments can do more than just sit there.  Let’s get smart with “smart” shades from Hunter Douglas.

Colorful Charisma

Choosing the right color to express the mood for a room requires knowledge and planning. Emerging this year is a color trend ranging all the way from deep reds to subtle greens and blues. These colors ignite a feel of luxury.

Keep On Rolling (Roller Shades)

It’s clear that these types of shades are experiencing a come back over the last three years. With  advancements in technology, window treatment shoppers are looking more for functionality. Hunter Douglas is leading the way in delivering a sophisticated option that does not sacrifice aesthetics.

Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades provide insulation which  improving energy efficiency and enhances the beauty of any room by showcasing lovely textures and a clean look.

Let There Be Light!

Window treatments that allow natural light to filter in eliminate the need for artificial light in the room and are extremely popular for 2019. Sheer fabrics are perfect for achieving this look, as they allow soft light to enter into the space, while still maintaining a level of privacy needed in the home. If you’re in need of natural light in a particular room, consider having some fun with it. Sheers come in a multitude of colors, including bright and fun pinks, greens and blues.  Not just your traditional white or off-white. Take a look at the space and see which color would complement it the best. Let your window treatments add a design appeal to the room.

Natural light is in!  Artificial light is out! This means that window treatments are beginning to focus on allowing as much natural light in as possible. To get this look and feel sheer fabrics are used. Check out the color options from Hunter Douglas. Silhouette® Window Shadings from Hunter Douglas offers soft adjustable fabric vanes that seem to be elegantly floating between two sheer fabric panels.  Learn more about Silhouette®

Layered All The Way

These are not the same layered blinds (known as mini- blinds) that were on the market over a decade ago. Draperies were hung over these blinds to create the layered look and offer more control over the amount of light. This industry has come a long way. People like layering because of all the options. Take a moment and check out the Hunter Douglas Silhouette. Simply tilt the vanes to achieve your desired level of light and privacy. These shades have come a long way and the layered look is here to stay.

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