Have your pets destroyed your window blinds?

We all love our pets, but they can be little terrors when it comes to window treatments. We’ve all seen the cat memes of destroyed mini blinds with a cat stuck in between bent and broken slats. What about those cute puppies jumping up and down in excitement greeting us (or the passing squirrels, the Amazon delivery person, the neighbor’s dog) while wreaking havoc on our blinds? We see our window treatments as decorative and for privacy. They see them as an exciting toy, a hindrance to seeing outside, or a roadblock to a happy reunion.

Which blinds are best when it comes to pets?

  • Blinds or shutters with wide wooden  or faux wood slats may be a good choice because they allow your pet to see outside and are more rigid and less likely to bend and break like vinyl or cloth if your furry friend jumps up and pulls on them. They also offer a solid surface to repel hair and block out the view to the outside which might cause your pet to want to move the blind out of the way by jumping up on it or crawling through it.
  • Bottom up Top down blinds are another option. If your pet enjoys looking out the window, you can simply slide the blind up from the bottom or down from the top to keep the blind out of reach.
  • Some pets will ignore the window or door altogether if they are unable to see out.  Covering the opening with a room darkening, or solid vinyl or wood look option might keep him from trying to get through the blind to see out.
  • If your pet gets excited when you get home (isn’t that why we have pets?), you can use PowerView Motorization to raise the blinds out of the way just before you are scheduled to arrive.
  • Cats are often attracted to cords on blinds.  Hunter Douglas offers several cordless options to foil your kitty’s fascination with string. Cats are also famous for destroying horizontal blinds by getting stuck between them. Vertical blinds might be a good choice for cats because they allow them walk through the blinds without getting stuck between the slats.
  • A roller shade might be another good option because it is cordless, solid (blocking out the view) or can be raised out of reach.

See below for great examples of pet worthy Hunter Douglas blinds for your home available through Aria On-Site.

What if cute little Princess the Cat or Harvey the Hound has broken a string on your blind?  Can it be repaired?  Yes. Our technician can come out to you to repair your blind and restring it on-site.

Call us for a repair and we can clean the dog or cat hair off while we’re at it without ever leaving you without your blinds.  If your blinds are beyond repair, we’ll be happy to show you some great options for pets.

Call Aria On-Site today for a no-obligation, free on-site consultation and never be without your blinds.  (734) 971-0311