Dirty bath tub with rings

You look at your blinds one day and decide that they look very dirty.  They may be discolored, or the strings may have yellowed.  Maybe they are dusty.  So, you get your duster out and try to wipe the dust off.  You try one of those fluffy blind tools, but it is the wrong size, or the dirt doesn’t come off the edges.  The dirt smears and you find yourself sneezing and wiping the little bit that does come off out of your eyes.  They still look dirty and discolored.

Your can-do attitude kicks in and you decide to “Google it” and find yourself trying to swish the blinds around in the bathtub.  Some dirt comes off, but now you just spent a lot of time taking them down and trying to put them back up.  There’s a dirt ring around your tub and the discoloring is worse now that they are wet.

They are off the window for a few days drying and you find yourself taping garbage bags to the window while you wait.

Garbage bags over windows

How can Aria On-Site help?

  1. We can have your blinds clean and dry very quickly.
  2. We can often clean a roomful of window blinds in an hour or two.
  3. You will never be without your blinds overnight so use those bags for garbage!
  4. Our process keeps the dirt out of your home and gets blinds completely clean without damaging them.
  5. You will not have to handle the blinds yourself.  We will take them down, clean and put them back where they were all clean and dry.
  6. You can relax and JUST SAY YES!!! MY BLINDS ARE CLEAN!!!

Call Aria On-Site today!

Never be without your blinds!

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