Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Vs. The Aria Method

Blind Repair near Ann ArborAria On-Site offers a proven, unique method to rid your blinds of dirt, dust, grease, and hidden allergens. Our self-contained mobile system cleans most types of residential and commercial blinds right outside your home or office in one of our specially designed vehicles – all during your scheduled appointment.

Our unique method offers more consistent results than the ultrasonic method.

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Blind Cleaning Topics

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Cleaning

The consistent cleaning of Hunter Douglas Silhouettes® by our professional blind cleaners will prolong the life  of these sophisticated window treatments. Over time the fabric of a Hunter Douglas Silhouette will catch airborne pollutants, dust, grime, you name it that will worsen its appearance.  Neglected spots may set into permanent stains.  A massive amount of dirt can be removed from even  “white” Silhouettes® that don’t really look like they need to be cleaned. Proper handling and professional cleaning techniques are important in protecting the investment you’ve made in these shades.  Getting a professional trained blind cleaning expert is a must to get the most out of these gorgeous window treatments.

Cleaning Luminette Privacy Sheers

Hunter Douglas knows that a professional blind cleaner has been instructed in the correct techniques for cleaning of a Luminette. At Aria we take pride in the handling and cleaning of each privacy sheer we work with. Our technicians have received the experience and professional knowledge to properly care for their products.  In most situations, we can clean a Luminette right where it hangs.  Typically, the technician protects the area behind the window treatment with plastic and uses a small machine to spray on a cleaning solution which is vacuumed off.  The Luminette never leaves the window and is dry in a very short time.  Our certified cleaners at Aria are the best way to go for blind cleaning.

Cleaning Dirty Mini Blinds

Are your mini blinds covered in  grime? You can restore them to new in no time with Aria’s proven cleaning method. Available in a wide array of materials from vinyl to wood, mini blinds make an attractive feature in any home or office. These also act as a magnet for dust, dirt, mold, and mildew caused by everyday activities and moisture exposure. In sunlight, these particles can harden into stains and discolor your blinds while aggravating allergies. The narrow slats of mini blinds make them more tedious to clean than Venetian blinds. Thankfully Aria takes all the trouble away with our proven and efficient blind cleaning method.

Vertical Blind Cleaning

Vertical blinds are a popular window treatment for large windows and patio doors in high traffic areas. They may need to be cleaned periodically to keep looking their best.  As a general rule, yearly cleaning is enough, but that depends on the usage and location of your vertical blinds. Let their appearance be your guide; if they look dirty to you or it’s been a year, clean your blinds.

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