New Brand – Same Great Service

Aria On-Site has a great reputation for quality blind cleaning, repair, and custom blinds.

We are still a full-service, on-site window blind service company offering complete care for all of your window blind needs.  Whether you want your blinds professionally cleaned, repaired, or replaced, our one-of-a-kind on-site services will match your special needs to the right products and services.  All of our services are provided right on-site at your home, apartment, condo, or business, so you will Never Be Without Your Blinds.

Why the change?  After 20 years of providing our unique cleaning method and on-site services, we realized that SFS Services did not really represent who we are today.  So, we thought it’s time to transition to a more modern brand that is distinct, easily remembered, easier to say, and more pleasing to the ear.  To sum up, we wanted something simple and meaningful that could personify our values and better embody all that we have learned and become, Aria On-Site.

But, why Aria On-Site?  We are a family owned company whose people come from a strong  musical background.  Several of us have degrees in music – cello, trombone, piano, composition, chamber music, and of course – singing!

An “aria” is a song made up of various sections written with orchestral accompaniment and meant to be sung on stage.  An aria takes many hours of hard work for the singer to master and perform with orchestra, costumes, and staging.  An aria is always dramatic, colorful, compelling, and entertaining.  With its combination of technical and artistic achievement, we thought it perfect!

Technical and artistic achievements and professional collaboration feature prominently in our on-site window blind cleaning, repair, and custom blind business as well.  Most important, we believe that every customer is a part of our audience.  We will strive to deserve your standing ovation.

As a bit of history – we first began cleaning window blinds in a commercial setting, we used an ultrasonic cleaning method that we found to be efficient, but limited.  As we worked on improving the method, we found that what we needed was a mobile system versatile enough to accommodate many types of residential and commercial blinds in all kinds of weather and installation conditions.  By 1992, we developed a solution that cleans thoroughly and dries spot-free , on location, right inside our specially equipped vans.

Today, we clean:

  • Mini Blinds
  • Fabric & Screen Roller Shades
  • Duettes/Cellular Shades
  • Silhouettes & Luminettes
  • Vertical Blinds  (Fabric & PVC Slats)
  • Wood Blinds
  • Faux Wood Blinds

All On-Site.

As a Hunter Douglas Priority Dealer, we also offer free, expert consultations right in your home, apartment, condo, or business with access to signature materials for those who seek the very best in American design and craftsmanship.  Our knowledgeable technicians provide the expert guidance you need to make the best choice for your décor.

Whatever your needs, we hope that you will continue to take advantage of our expertise under our new brand, Aria On-Site.